Essential skills for business

Developing a small business into a successful enterprise is no mean feat. Translating your passion into a successful business model is hard work and many businesses fail because they are unable to do this. 

We have picked out some of the essential skills that you will need to help you to succeed in business. To learn more on any of these, see what courses we have available on Our Products page. 


  • Delegation 


Assigning responsibility to other people to get work done is essential to business success. This means achieving the balance of having control while letting your staff complete their work effectively. 


  • Communication 


Communication is an important skill of life and an even more important skill of business. To succeed in business, you have to be able to communicate well. Good communication skills will help you to get the right staff, as well as being able to be clear about your expectations with stakeholders as well as being sensitive when dealing with problems. 


  • Negotiation 


We negotiate on a daily basis without being aware of it, but formal negotiation is another skill which needs to be learnt through experience and practice. The key to success is to know how to develop a win-win approach for all parties when negotiating. 


  • Planning 


Strategic planning is an incredibly important business skill. This is a process which will help you to define your company’s strategy or direction as well as making important decisions as to where you will allocate certain members of your team. You need to be able to think within a three to five year framework in order to do this effectively. 


  • Leadership


Leadership is an essential management skill and when done properly will ensure that things will get done by motivating a group of people towards a common goal. Forming long-term relationships with prospects with your team is essential to leadership.